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“Kolbe is the greatest team-building concept in the world!”

  Dan Sullivan, Founder and President, Strategic Coach

The Comparisons: A to A™ Report

Comparisons: A to A Reports analyze the Kolbe AIndex results of two individuals. The provide each person insight into how the two:

  • Can communicate more effectively
  • Will handle time pressures
  • Can align tasks to accomplish more

Invaluable to any working relationship, the Comparisons: A to A report provides an analysis of conative Strengths between two individuals with a customized report prepared for each of them.

  • Ideal for business partners, co-workers or anyone working in tandem on a project
  • Analyzes your potential for conative stress
  • Identifies what you will do well together and when it's best to work independently
  • Conables® tips designed just for you to increase productivity and meaningful communication
  • Identifies the worst mistake you could make in each of the four Kolbe Action Modes®

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Kolbe Comparisons: A to A Reports can only be purchased through a Kolbe business account and aren’t available through our consumer website. There is no charge for having a business account and it makes all of your Kolbe results easier to access and enables us to provide business reports to you.

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