Kolbe Dynamynd® Award Winner - Daryl Braham

Daryl Braham started his business career at the age of 15. Twenty-five years later, this son of a Canadian Mountie is co-owner of five companies, including his own consulting business.  Straddling iON Leadership, a Prudential franchise and Heritage Homes, an award-winning home builder, Daryl has made a significant mark in his community. He has been recognized through several chambers of commerce leadership awards that represent 27 million small business companies throughout the USA.

With natural abilities for entrepreneurship honed by participation in the Strategic Coach program, Daryl was quick to grasp the benefits of becoming a Kolbe Certified™ Consultant. Today, he is quick to attribute much of his success to a conative approach to human and team growth. In an accelerated and dynamic way he walks us up the Dynamynd to show how all three parts of the mind helped him refocus his business approach and create the award-winning companies that he heads today. His end results truly exemplify the highest levels of the Dynamynd: