2013 - Kolbe Professional Award Finalists

Kolbe Professional Award:

for Individual Leadership in Building Conative Excellence

This award honors a person who has used their Kolbe expertise to make a significant and sustained difference for an organization or individuals.

Voting Criteria:
  • Identify a few companies and/or individuals who have benefitted from your expertise as a Kolbe Certified™ Consultant.
    • Provide a description of the improvements you achieved for a company or individual. This may include objective criteria, and other supporting materials and documents.
    • Describe which Kolbe solutions you used to help achieve these results. For example: Kolbe RightFit™ and Kolbe Leadership Analytics™, Career Mo+™, etc.
  • Bonus: Testimonials and/or letters of support from an organization or individual.
  • Highly encouraged (but not required): Submit a video that illustrates a compelling demonstration as to how the project(s) described above achieved important and significant results.