Simplify, Innovate & Grow

Loblaw Companies Limited, Canada’s largest food distributor has a straightforward business strategy: “Simplify, Innovate and Grow.”

How do you accomplish that with over $31 billion in revenue, 134,000 employees, and a diversified product offering of groceries, general merchandise, pharmaceuticals, and financial services?

Loblaw is doing it by building on the strengths of its employees and putting together high performance teams. It has invested in a top-down strategy to build the Kolbe Wisdom™ into its management process. It is committed to having the internal expertise needed to meet the demand for Kolbe TeamSuccess® seminars, with 81 HR and OD leaders having become Kolbe Certified since 2006.

Those experts, along with the diagnostic power of Kolbe’s Leadership Analytics™ reports, are helping Loblaw’s leaders improve efficiency and productivity. They’re moving down the management line to include Assistant Store Managers and heads of regional distribution centers in all of these programs.

As it uses the Kolbe System™, Loblaw is able to simplify, innovation is unlocked, and the company grows.

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