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The Kolbe A™ Index Result has a New Look!

  • Updated with some of the new language from Kathy Kolbe's latest book, Striving Zones

  • Clean look with easy navigation

  • Accessible on all devices and platforms

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We've updated and developed many new products this year. We are particularly proud of improvements to the Kolbe A Index Result, but all of them are designed to make it easier for you to use Kolbe Theory to enhance your personal and professional lives. 

RightFit Reports and Snapshot Reports are fantastic and easy-to-use applications of Kolbe results to help with hiring and employee management. Read more...

The Dynamynd® Interview is a proven, effective process for determining an individual's likely level of commitment in all three areas of the mind - cognitive, affective, and conative. It helps employers screen and interview candidates. Read more...

Striving Zones - How People Act when Free to Be Themselves is Kathy Kolbe's latest book, and updates the language surrounding the Kolbe Theory. For more than three decades, her work has transformed how we understand human performance. By identifying the conative, instinctive talents within each of us, she has provided an integrated, powerful and practical theory to improve productivity. Read more...