Pain-Free Work

Our mission is to make your work your joy because you get to do it your way

We tell you:

  • How to maximize peoples’ time and effort
  • If differing conative approaches are causing conflicts – and how to reduce that stress.
  • Which people are in the right – or wrong jobs – and how make adjustments

We’ve proven that when you manage people according to their conative strengths, they’ll excel. Force them to work contrary to them, and you’ll have costly stress.

Your organization can have too much of a good conative MO, have too little - in some ways, have it in the wrong places, or have the wrong combinations. Who knew? This hidden factor behind many failures can become your secret to success.


Our comprehensive on-line diagnostics pinpoint potential problems. For each and every problem we uncover we also give you specific, doable solutions. 

Kolbe Right-Fit™ software is our Fair Selection Process that matches individuals’ quantifiable conative strengths with those needed in your jobs. It’s a totally objective, non-biased approach that removes the guesses about what people will and won’t do.

Kolbe Leadership Analytics™ gives you straightforward, concise, accurate assessments of what a group of people will and won’t do well. No more guessing whether a team will achieve its goals. We provide an actual % probability for success, that’s proven as accurate as train schedules. 

Kolbe Commitment Clarifier® helps you manage your time & conative energy so you have a logical reason for following Kolbe’s advice to “Do Nothing – When Nothing Works.”