Podcast with Kathy Kolbe

Business Leaders Celebrate Conation!

In this dynamic conversation, Kathy Kolbe, Joe Polish (creator of Genius Network® Interview Series) and Strategic Coach® Founder Dan Sullivan talk about how knowing your M.O. can empower entrepreneurs and change lives!

When Kathy discovered the power of conation, she also recognized how it is distinct from intelligence and emotion.  She figured out that there were four striving instincts that drive all human behavior. She tied that to modus operandi – and painstakingly developed the method for assessing the way in which individuals will take action when given the freedom to be themselves.

During this podcast, you’ll hear Kathy discuss:

How the Kolbe SystemTM helps achievement-minded entrepreneurs grow their companies 10x

  • What Kolbe is (and what it isn’t)
  • The importance of discovering your natural abilities and strengths
  • Her greatest joy in life and how it can help you gain more freedom

Additionally, Dan Sullivan shares why Kolbe is one of the greatest team building systems in the world for entrepreneurs.

Listen here...