Striving Zones - How People Act when Free to Be Themselves


For three decades, the work of Kathy Kolbe has transformed how we understand human performance.

By identifying the conative, instinctive talents within each of us, she has provided an integrated, powerful and practical theory to improve productivity. She has provided the language necessary for the  profound truths in the Kolbe Theory of Conation to be accessible and understandable.

Unlike most theorists who develop a theory and spend their lives codifying and defending it, Kathy continually questions assumptions and delves more deeply into how we do what we do. It is a living theory.



In Striving Zones, her newest book, Kathy has provided us with:

  • Powerful new vocabulary for the React Zone (aka Accommodating), and for the CounterAct Zone (aka Prevent).
  • Expanded insights and new terminology for previously called Natural Advantages – now CoActions.
  • Important depth and breath of new language to describe Implementor strengths – in all three Zones.
  •  Clearer understanding of the Facilitator results as an important example of a CoAct, with a  dynamic title and descriptors.
  • A summary of the vocabulary for  The Kolbe Theory of Conation, 2015. 

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