Year End Special Offers 2016

Are you ready to have an incredible 2017? The new year is just a few weeks away, and Kolbe Corp is prepared to help you grow your business with some terrific SPECIAL PRICING packages:  

Communication Bundle $175 ($230 retail value) 
Improve communication between two team members and get step-by-step guidance from a Kolbe Master Consultant.

  • Two Kolbe ATM Indexes
  • One Comparisons: A to ATM
  • One 30-minute consultation with a Kolbe Master Consultant

Annual Review Bundle $75 per person ($99 retail value) 
Make annual reviews more impactful for your team. You will get a clear picture of the positions you lead and specific guidance to coach your people with the Annual Review Bundle.

Additional 30 minutes of consulting available for $75 ($195 retail value)

  • One Kolbe BTM Index
  • One Kolbe CTM Index.
  • One Kolbe CoachingTM Report.

Team Guidance Bundle  $175 per person ($220 retail value)
Increase your team’s chances for success using a customized report for how your team works, and get expert advice on how to improve team productivity.

  • Team Guidance SystemTM Reports
  • One-hour webinar with a Kolbe Master Consultant 

Certification Special $2,800 ($3400 retail value) Must be used in 2017.)
Become the “Go-To” expert for maximizing human performance by getting Kolbe CertifiedTM.



Exclusive Offer for Kolbe CertifiedTM Consultants

Beef up your team in 2017 by sending one of your people to Kolbe Certification and we will cover two nights of their hotel stay.* (Must be used during 2017.)

For more information on this special offer, contact your Kolbe representative at 602-840-9770 and ask about the "Certification Hotel Reimbursement. If you have any questions about any of these offers, contact your Kolbe Corp representative, or call our offices at 602-840-9770.

These prices are available only until December 31st, 2016. SO DON’T WAIT! Gear up now and make 2017 your best year ever! And by the way…


* Reimbursement of up to $445 for up to two nights at the Certification host hotel.  Applies only to standard room
rental and tax; not to other costs such as meals, in-room purchases, facilities fees, or additional nights or upgraded rooms.