Kolbe Leadership Analytics Solutions

Kolbe’s Leadership Analytics solutions don't just identify the cause of team productivity problems. They deliver strategies to solve them. By relating the instinctive strengths of team members to the factors that determine group success, Leadership Analytics provides managers and leaders with proof-of-improvement metrics for a wide range of group challenges.

New Team Guidance System reports provide targeted bundles to help your team reach their full potential, and offer customized insight to boost team performance. These insightful reports enable you to:

  • Identify the talent you have on board and the instinctive strengths they bring to the table.
  • Match the right people to the right roles
  • Lead team members to achieve greater productivity and efficiency

Also available: A complete set of Leadership Analytic documents containing up to 75 pages chock full of insights and bottom-line findings to help team leaders.


Pinpoint sources of conflict

Break through group inertia and organizational paralysis

Accommodate differing approaches to problem solving

Align team member expectations with supervisor requirements

Inventory the collection of instinctive strengths on the team

Accomplish more with fewer people

Improve individual and group productivity


No other organizational development software can match the breadth and detailed analysis of Kolbe’s Leadership Analytics. For more information, e-mail us or call.


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