David Kolbe


David Kolbe, CEO of Kolbe Corp, has lived and breathed the Kolbe Concept® from its inception. 

David's work on Kolbe technology and intellectual properties began when he co-developed the original algorithm for computing Kolbe A™ Index scores. 

His involvement in the design, development, and use of the Kolbe Wisdom™ gives him great insight into all aspects of this valuable tool (including selection, organizational development, and team building). His current role includes management of operational, financial, technical and legal efforts. In addition, he conducts seminars, research, and speaks to a broad spectrum of industries. 

David joined Kolbe Corp after working on Capitol Hill as Legislative Director for a Texas congressman and as an Associate with the law firm of Gammage & Burnham. 

He earned his Law Degree from Arizona State University and Bachelor of Science in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School. 

David and his wife Pam have four children.