Diane Villa

Diane Villa is the Vice President of Finance and Operations, not only ensuring the smooth operation of the day-to-day functions at Kolbe Corp, but keeping her eye on the big picture of customer service, order fulfillment and finances. 

Diane brings a wide range of experience, having gotten her start in the automobile business. Before she joined Kolbe in 2012, she was working in the healthcare industry as the CFO for Noteworthy Medical Systems and MARS Medical Systems, Inc. Prior to this, she worked in the food distribution industry as Vice President of Finance at AFS Technologies Inc. Diane has been able to draw on all of this experience in the diversity of her job roles at Kolbe. 

Diane earned her AA degree in Business Administration from Utah State University and later moved to Phoenix, Az in 1984. She attended Arizona State University and received her BS in Business Management and Accounting, making Phoenix her home. 

Born and raised on a Southern Idaho farm, Diane is at home in the outdoors and enjoys hiking, camping and athletics. Her children are grown now, although two are in college, and she still loves to spend time with her family, especially back in Idaho.