James Trujillo


Since his arrival in 1999, James has played a major role in the success of Kolbe Corp. As with most of the staff at Kolbe Corp, James wears many hats for the organization. While he is overseeing the technology that drives Kolbe Corp, he orchestrates the development of the web sites, and collaborates with Kathy Kolbe and other key members to create and refine Kolbe products. 

Although he has been in the technology industry since 1997, his interest with the company goes far deeper than technology. James earned his bachelor's degree in Communication from the University of Arizona with a double minor in Psychology and Women Studies. In the field of Communication, James focused his studies on Interpersonal Communication and Group Dynamics. It only seems fitting that he would end up collaborating with the leading expert on conation to translate concept to application. 

"Understanding your collaborators' M.O. will turn conative conflict into creative conflict as long as the goal is a shared goal and respect is mutual."

James and his wife Sandra are both natives to Phoenix and are raising their twins as second generation Phoenicians.