Student Aptitude™ Quiz

To help students discover their Authentic Abilities, Kolbe Corp has partnered with Dynamynd, Inc. to offer Student Aptitude Quiz. This assessment for 13-17 year-olds was developed by Kathy Kolbe.

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Current students receive immediate, individualized results they can access at any time. Results include descriptions of innate, unchanging Authentic Abilities and tips and tricks for how to best use them. Additional reports provide in-depth info on studying, test-taking, stress management, and best career paths.

Three Types of Teams

  • Discover your Authentic Abilities and tips for how to use them.

  • Click to info on raising your test scores, reducing your stress levels, and discovering your purpose.

  • Your Student Aptitude Quiz result will direct you toward more effective communication, career choices and study habits.

  • You’ll learn how to focus your time and energy to be more productive and achieve more goals.

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