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Do More, More Naturally.

Find the freedom to be yourself by taking the Kolbe A Index – the only assessment measuring how you instinctively get things done. Then, unlock pain-free performance by tapping into your team’s unique strengths.


"The day I got my Kolbe results was one of the most liberating days of my life. My productivity shot through the roof!"
Dan Sullivan, Founder, Strategic Coach
“I wish I had known Kolbe in my younger years.”
Jessica Mogill, Head of Coaching Strategy, Crisp
“Everything is measurable and repeatable, and it just works.”
5483 mo
Brian Alexander, Founder, Expressing the Genius Within
Quick Start
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It's like having an instruction manual — about yourself!

The Kolbe A Index measures how you get things done when you’re free to be yourself. After you answer the scientifically-validated questions, you’ll get a 4-number result called your MO and an interactive guide full of tips and tricks for better performance. Think of it as a custom instruction manual to yourself and how you most naturally take action every day.

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Create a Team You Don't Have to Micromanage

Kolbe uncovers how each person on your team naturally takes action and solves problems. You get immediately actionable advice to grow a team and be more productive with less pain. After working with the Kolbe System™, you’ll be able to empower people to be at their best when you need them the most.  Request a business or group profile to store multiple Kolbe results in one central location.

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Get Certified in Kolbe

Join the nearly 1,000 Kolbe Certified™ Consultants around the globe and become the instinctive strengths expert in your organization. Whether you’re an independent coach or consultant, work in HR, or you’re a leader looking for optimal performance with your team, Kolbe Certification may be right for you.

The Kolbe System™

Kolbe Helps You Achieve What You Care About Most

Kolbe Corp


Capitalize on the power of instinctive strengths.

  • Conative assessments and insights for each person
  • Powerful communication reports and customized coaching


Maximize teamwork by strategically combining talents.

  • Comprehensive reports to strengthen collaboration and team performance
  • Team seminars to improve problem solving and increase engagement


Boost productivity by matching strengths to job requirements.

  • Diagnostics to pinpoint areas of job stress and solutions to help each person succeed
  • Detailed guides to help leaders design roles and fit talent to task


Drive growth by hiring the right people.

  • Proven selection process to dramatically improve the odds of hiring top performers
  • Success models for every position to increase compatibility and retention
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The Kolbe Difference: Conation

The Kolbe System does not measure your personality type or how smart you are. Kolbe Indexes are based on conation — the part of the mind that governs how you actually get things done when striving. Think of it as your instinctive strengths.

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