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3 Reasons Why Companies Running on EOS use The Kolbe System

February 19, 2021

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Kolbe Corp Runs on EOS®, and we are integral to the People Component of the model. Using Kolbe Indexes and our comprehensive system immediately gives you actionable advice to build high performing teams, supercharge individual performance, and bring the right people into your organization.
Based on our own experience implementing EOS and working with hundreds of companies just like yours, here are the top reasons to integrate Kolbe as a foundational tool:

  1. Kolbe helps you predict how your people will get things done and helps optimize performance. The EOS Process is all about being functional and healthy. Your team can’t effectively function until you know how your people will execute on projects. The Kolbe A™ Index is the only assessment that will predict how people naturally take action. So, whether you’re working on quarterly rocks or merely assigning a to-do, you can quickly know how people will accomplish tasks just by having their 4-number Kolbe result. By looking at the Kolbe Index results for your entire company, you will immediately start to see gaps in natural strengths that can cause stress, dysfunction, and burnout. Kolbe’s powerful reports give you immediately actionable advice to solve these problems.
  1. Kolbe is key to the People Component™ and putting the right people in the right seats. When you’re building your accountability chart, it’s critical to know if the people filling those seats have the instincts to do the jobs the way you need them done. So, identifying all your team’s natural strengths with the Kolbe A™ Index and aligning those strengths with their roles will put you on the path to sustainable success. Using Kolbe’s more advanced Indexes for role design, employee development, recruiting, and hiring helps you scale and maximize performance during the exponential growth that you’re likely to experience by implementing EOS.
  1. Kolbe Wisdom can quickly improve communication and collaboration. Understanding a team’s natural strengths during an L10 meeting, for example, means that you can anticipate situations where you’ll thrive and where you’re going to struggle. For example, suppose you’re heavy on Initiating Fact Finders who need details and ask many questions during IDS time. In that case, you’ll know to include as much context as possible in the description of your issues. You may also bring available data or extra documentation so that the conversation doesn’t get stalled or postponed because you can’t satisfy their need for info. It’s critical to know the Kolbe results for everyone on your team so you can learn how to work better together.

How to get started with The Kolbe System™:

  1. Identify all the strengths you currently have in your organization by getting a Kolbe A™ Index for everyone on the team.
  1. Optimize the different strengths and spice up your next team meeting by inviting a Kolbe expert to deliver a custom group Kolbe session. You’ll get advice that you can start using immediately.
  1. Align each person with their specific seat using Kolbe B™ Indexes and the prescriptive Role Alignment Guide™.
  1. Expand your team and hire more confidently using Kolbe RightFit™. This process helps you map out precisely what you need in a specific seat and hire somebody who has conative instincts to do that job exactly how you need it.

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