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Growth Consultant Jason Cupp Wins Kolbe Professional Award

November 02, 2017

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If anybody knows how to unlock growth it’s Jason Cupp.

David Kolbe, CEO of Kolbe Corp.

Jason Cupp is the 2017 winner of Kolbe Corp’s Professional Award for Conative Excellence. Cupp was one of four finalists for the award, which honors distinguished leaders for applying conative theory to identify people’s natural strengths through consulting work. The criteria is based on expertise in Kolbe Theory, impact on organizations and voting from a panel of more than 80 other consultants.

“Jason’s ability to grow the organizations he works with comes from years of training and experience, plus a gift for insight. Specifically, he really knows how to use Kolbe Indexes and software to dig deep into others’ instinctive strengths.”, said David Kolbe.

Jason Cupp has been a Kolbe Certified™ Consultant since 2006. During the last eleven years he has helped companies in insurance, health care and service industries with team building, business model development and crisis management. He travels extensively through North America and Western Europe as a speaker and consultant on a variety of growth-oriented business and leadership topics.

One of his clients, Affinity Worldwide, has seen the results of working with Jason Cupp.

Jason goes above and beyond to stay engaged with all levels of the organization. His independent insight and counsel play an important part in a cohesive environment.

Kay Moore, CHRO for Affinity Worldwide

“He made it fun to use Kolbe so our whole team bought in and everyone saw the benefit. We’ve used Kolbe to understand how we’re wired and operate from a place of strength. Most importantly, with Jason we’ve been able to stick with it,” adds Jonathan Pototschnik, Founder & CEO of Service Autopilot.

Jason Cupp received the award at Conation Nation Symposium in Scottsdale, Arizona. Conation Nation Symposium brings together more than 200 thought leaders for training and knowledge-sharing around conation — the leading theory for understanding innate strengths.

Congratulations, Jason!

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