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Our Approach

Kolbe Corp is your only source for assessments and reports about the conative part of the mind - how you execute when you're free to be yourself. Here are some of the most common ways to work with us!

1. Take the Kolbe A Index — The Only Assessment of Its Kind

Kolbe assessments and reports are so powerful because they’re about how you execute, not your personality or how smart you are. 99% of people start working with Kolbe by taking the 36-question Kolbe A™ Index. You get instant results with an interactive report full of customized advice you can use immediately. You’ll get your own colorful bar chart, like you see to the right and four numbers that will reveal some amazing things about how you get things done every day. If you’re using Kolbe in your business, scroll to the next section to learn about business profiles.

Team Meeting with Kolbe A Index Results For Every Employee Floating Above Their Head

2. Store Multiple Results in One Place - Business Profiles

Once you get your own Kolbe A Index result and discover how you naturally get things done, you’ll quickly realize how useful this insight can be for your business partner or team. Great news — you can request a free business or group profile to store multiple results in one central location.  Once you have a business profile, we can show you how to run comparison and team productivity reports.

A team member looking at other teams members with their Kolbe A Index result bar charts as part of a 90 minute team webinar

3. Bring in a Kolbe Expert - Team Experiences

You can learn a lot about Kolbe on this website and from our YouTube channel, but the best way to put The Kolbe System™ to work for you and your team is to host an interactive team workshop. Our experts put on a fantastic, fun, and USEFUL workshop. We’ll do them online or come to you, depending on your needs. Our promise for every session: immediately actionable advice. Don’t miss this opportunity. Book a team session today.

4. Get Trained on Keeping Kolbe Alive in Your Business

After having an initial webinar or Kolbe TeamSuccess® Seminar with a Kolbe Expert, many team leaders decide to get trained to keep using Kolbe in their business. There are a couple of great options for you. First, consider the Kolbe Plus 1-Day Workshop. This will give you a deeper dive into Kolbe results, how to organize a team, and how to reduce job stress and think about hiring based on strengths. Then, if you need to go deeper – or even use Kolbe as part of a coaching or consulting business — you should consider becoming a Kolbe Certified™ Consultant.

5. Use Kolbe For Hiring

When you see how productive your team becomes after infusing Kolbe into your work, you’ll immediately start to use it in your hiring process. Here’s the truth: there’s more to being successful in a job than personality and skills. Only Kolbe RightFit™ software identifies what strengths a job demands and whether a candidate’s instinctive approach will make them successful. Hire the right candidate for the right job right away.

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