Kolbe Professional Award Winner - Mari Martin

Mari Martin has been involved with Kolbe Corp from the beginning. She left her job to start her own business, focusing on the work of a woman named Kathy Kolbe whom she read about in the Wall Street Journal. She still has the WSJ article that changed her life and the company she founded, Performance Strategies Group is thriving.

As the car manufacturing business in her native Michigan shrank around her, Mari spread her work with Kolbe to places like Audi in Canada, manufacturing businesses in Pennsylvania, and a major bank, accounting firm and hospital in Michigan.  Working with her husband and business partner, Chris, she helped restore employee trust in companies that were squeezed and battered, but not broken. She is one of the very few consultants whose entire professional work is devoted to Kolbe applications and she uses them all in depth, whether analyzing productivity in teams, coaching companies through the employee selection process or helping evaluate a new marketing program.

Amid the stress of building a business, Mari has always found time to donate her services and expertise to churches, schools and other non-profits that have been important to the life of the community. During difficult economic times, she has been tested by fire and emerged stronger in spirit and more focused on what is truly important in life.  Kolbe Corp is happy to salute her and congratulate her for her contributions as recognized by a vote of her peers.