Career Fit

We all know that there’s more to being a good fit for a job than just how smart you are and your personality type — and yet, that’s the focus of almost all career advice.


Kolbe uncovers the secret to your job/career success: the Kolbe A™ Index describes the strengths in the way you take action. The Kolbe B™ Index shows the demands of the job you’re doing. Match these two up and you get a picture of your job fit.

“The Kolbe liberated me! For the first time in my life, the things I most resonated with became my vocation by honoring my strengths.”

Bob Thames (7-3-8-3), Certified Coach, Pathways to Transformation

What you'll uncover with OPgig:

  • Discover roles that suit you within your Interest Areas
  • Complete a job-related survey that assesses your conative strengths
  • See job openings for your Best Bet careers

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