Fact Finder

Fact Finder - This action mode measures the instinctive way we gather and share information.

Operating Zones   Fact Finder Actions
 Initiating   Details, strategies, research
Responding   With specifics, editing, assessing pros and cons
    Preventing    Analysis paralysis, or minutiae


Each zone indicates a differing degree of thoroughness necessary for an individual. Some people simply have to give you every detail of the movie plot. They are the ones who ask questions until they have the last piece of information, who operate with practical strategies based on historical evidence or personal experience.

Other people use information to satisfy someone else, responding with sufficient specificity yet not delving any more deeply than necessary into the details. For instance, they may wonder who is fourth, fifth and sixth in presidential succession. But for all their wondering, they won’t search for the answer if they don’t know it already. If a debate gets going over the issue, some people will need to cut off the discussion and move on to another topic. These people prevent situations from becoming im­mersed in specifics. Even if they raised the question—and find it inter­esting to consider—they’ll get frustrated if the discussion gets bogged down in what they consider trivialities.