Kolbe Wisdom™ featured in O Magazine

Phoenix, Az – Lose weight, spend more time with family, finish home repair projects, quit smoking . . . The list of New Year’s resolutions we make – and break – every year can go on forever.

Just in time for that season of renewed optimism and fresh resolutions, the January edition of O magazine features advice from columnist Martha Beck on how to utilize the Kolbe Wisdom, a system designed by Phoenix-based consultant and theorist Kathy Kolbe, to finally accomplish more of those lofty goals.

Dr. Beck’s advice: Team up with people who compliment your strengths and share your goals so you can harness the power of working together. And to guarantee the greatest combination of talents working toward the same goal, form those teams by focusing on the little-known conative part of the mind, the area that defines every person’s instinctive problem-solving strengths.

Using Kathy Kolbe’s work as a basis, Dr. Beck defines a good collaborator as someone whose strengths fill in your gaps. So if you’re the type to jump into a new diet but quickly lose enthusiasm for it, team up with someone who’s a natural researcher to learn about different diets you can both try. That way, you’ll both be more likely to find a diet you can stomach.

The approach Dr. Beck champions goes back to an understanding of the conative part of the three-part mind, the domain that covers natural talents – a concept that goes back to Plato and has been most recently developed by Kathy Kolbe through her work in education and as an adviser to leading businesses.

Sure, you might want to lose weight and are smart enough to understand different diets, but without engaging the part of the mind that drives how you take action you won’t get very far in reaching your goals. Since every person takes action differently, that requires people to recognize their own strengths and when they’re better off collaborating.

Kolbe has spent the past three decades championing this conative part of the brain, encouraging people to uncover their own natural talents and harness them in everyday life. Every person deserves the right to be themselves, Kolbe argues, and that requires recognizing the value of your own talents and finding ways to use them in every situation.

That value is something Martha Beck realizes; in fact, this is the second time she’s featured Kathy Kolbe in her popular O magazine column. And while Kolbe considers it a holiday gift to give this message of success to O magazine readers, she hopes it spreads even further. After all, everyone deserves to ring in the New Year with a positive view of what they can accomplish with their own natural talents – and a little help from their friends.

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