Find the RightFit™

Are you looking for the best collaborator to suit you?

Whether you’re a Visionary looking for an Integrator or an Integrator looking for a Visionary, 

Kolbe makes finding the right person for the job easier and far less expensive than traditional selection methods. We provide "the missing link" in the hiring process.

Kolbe RightFit reports take the guess-work out of the selection process, rating candidates based on their natural instincts .

The Dynamynd® Interview provides a step-by-step process for discovering whether someone exhibits the level of effort you’re looking for.

Kolbe RightFit and Dynamynd Interview can only be purchased through a Kolbe business account and aren’t available through our consumer website. There is no charge for having a business account and it makes all of your Kolbe results easier to access and enables us to provide business reports to you.

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