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Get A Kolbe A Index for Everyone

The most productive teams know their Kolbe A™ Index results. Request a business profile to store all the results in a central location.

Great leaders Identify Their Instinctive Strengths

Teams and organizations move ahead by leaps and bounds when everyone knows how they, and those around them, best solve problems. That’s the foundation of what we do at Kolbe: identify and explain what drives your success.  And once you learn it about yourself, you’ll understand why it’s our mission for everyone to know their instinctive strengths.

Start using the Kolbe System™ by getting a Kolbe A Index for everyone on your team.

Two team members sitting next to a window collaborating with a Kolbe A Index result bar chart above their head

Align Your Job with Your Instinctive Strengths

The next step is to understand how your strengths fit with what you do.  The Kolbe B™ Index shows how your job is structured.  Comparing it with your A Index shows how well you’re aligned with the requirements of your job.

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Buy Kolbe A Index Credits for Your Team & Host an Interactive Webinar


Buy a 5 Pack of Kolbe A Index credits for your team.

  • Includes 1 FREE Kolbe Coaching Report
  • Get Immediately Actionable Advice
  • Identify how each person naturally takes action
  • Learn how to focus your time and energy
  • Store all results in one central location


Custom Options Available

Webinar to boost team performance, problem solving & communication.

  • 90-minute Team Webinar for up to 15 people
  • Kolbe TeamSuccess® Report
  • 45-minute Coaching Session for Team Lead
  • *Kolbe A Indexes sold separately


  • Kolbe “absolutely transformed the way the staff worked together…It works to make us a better team, and it enables us to work better together.”

    Liz Wilson (5-4-7-5)

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