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Kolbe Certification™ gives you the knowledge and insights to identify people’s natural talents and help organizations utilize those talents productively. The seminar is focused on leveraging Kolbe solutions to solve real-world business problems — whether inside your company or working with clients.

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Next Sessions

    — December 2,3 and 8,9 Online*

    — January 26-28 and February 2

*Online sessions are spread across 4 dates

During this program you will receive expert training on:

  • Improving Individual performance
  • Boosting team productivity
  • Increasing employee retention
  • Interpreting and comparing Kolbe Indexes
  • Growing your practice by using the Kolbe System™

Kolbe Certification Process

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Why people love using Kolbe

  • "Everything is measurable and repeatable and it just works."

    Brian Alexander (5-4-8-3), Founder, Illumine Academy

What is covered during kolbe certification?

You’ll learn about the science behind conation, maximizing your strengths to minimize stress while getting more done, and helping your organization to improve morale, reduce turnover and increase engagement! By mastering the use of Kolbe Indexes, theory, and software to solve problems, you’ll become a valuable, in-demand consultant.

Who should get Kolbe Certified?

  • Independent coaches and consultants who want to grow a practice
  • Hiring Managers, HR and OD Consultants who need solutions that tie directly to productivity at work
  • Leaders who need optimal performance from their team

Don't Take Our Word For It

“This is one of the training events you cannot truly appreciate the magnitude of until you have the opportunity to actually immerse yourself within it.”
W. Gary Wilson (9-6-1-4), The Salvation Army
“Truth be told, integrating Kolbe into my services has been the easiest and most rewarding experience. I made $100,000 in 4 months after Certification.”
Andrew Lawless (6-3-7-6), Rockant, Inc
“My client is building a new division of a large corporation. After our TeamSuccess® Workshop, he realized he needed to build his division in a new way. He is so energized and I love making such a difference with Kolbe!”
Kathy Tagenel (5-7-6-3), Zoom Strategies, Inc.

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Where is Kolbe Certification?

Enjoy the beauty of Arizona.

Certification is usually held in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area, at one of the many beautiful hotels. Renowned for its great weather, amenities, and an airport that is a favorite of travelers, Phoenix is an ideal location for a business traveler. But Phoenix isn’t the only place we have Certification Seminars. We also have them in Chicago, Toronto, and even London, and Sydney from time to time. No matter where we choose, the destination is always a top-tier, affordable and convenient hotel venue.

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