Testimonials to the Power of Kolbe in Business

"The impact on the professional arena is mind-boggling because it is so powerful. The team building component alone will impact the bottom line."
Lynette Donovan, Director of Organization Development, Umbro USA

"Kolbe's instincts, insights and intuition helped the Phoenix Suns spot the potential of a little known person named Dan Majerle, who became an All-Star."
Dick Schaap, ABC Sports

"Using Kolbe helped us win the Malcolm Baldrige Award."
Jack Spurgeon, Vice President - Information Systems, Eastman Chemical

"Kolbe has created a book that is a godsend to managers trying to pull together the human resources needed to get their jobs done."
Jerry Porras, Ph.D., Professor, Stanford University, Graduate School of Business and Co-Author of Built to Last

"We are finding that by using the Kolbe system, we can define what makes a team a success."
John Barr, Senior Managing Partner, Xerox Quality Services

"[Kolbe] works in an organization because of its delightful, powerful simplicity."
Peter Nichols, Chief Personnel Officer, World Bank

"This is absolutely one of the best tools for teambuilding."
Dick Spigarelli, Director Program Management Development, Johnson Controls Inc.

"Kolbe could revolutionize organizational design and staffing decisions."
Paul Brinkmann, Director of Human Resources, Honeywell, Inc.

"Kathy Kolbe's new book is a business landmark!"
Carole Hyatt, co-author of When Smart People Fail and author of Shifting Gears

"I credit [Kolbe] with personal productivity increases over 200%."
Randy Albers, Kansas City Life

"The impact of instinct in selecting, developing and retaining a qualified work force will be a competitive advantage going into the year 2000."
Clyde D. Stuts, Ph.D., Vice President, Macy's

"Through the Kolbe management reports we got results that were much more reliable than what we had with other tests."
Hank Van Kampen, TQM Facilitator-Fuel Systems, Textron

"Using Kolbe has made the difference between a mediocre management team, and one that works together and wins all the time."
Richard Weden, American Express Co. (Russia)

"The accounting industry is struggling with identifying, retaining and motivating employees. Kolbe's tools are built to confront these exact challenges."
CPA Practice Management Forum

"It's the most amazing instrument I have ever seen for predicting productivity."
Heidi Scott, President, Great Scott! Productions

"...an increasing number of Fortune 500 firms are using Kolbe to bring enterprise software projects in on time and on budget."

"A manager's dream: a revolutionary method of quantifying and utilizing the innate instincts of every other member of the team."
Stephanie W. Kanwit, Esq., Aetna Life & Casualty

"Nothing has ever so clearly pinpointed organizational problems or been so prescriptive in helping to solve them."
JoAnn Jones, Director - Quality Improvement Process, Honeywell, Inc.