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How do I earn commissions?

You’ll earn up to 8% for purchases made by customers coming to through your special link.

All Index purchases earn 8%. For example, the price for the Kolbe A Index is $55, so each Index purchase through your link would earn you $4.40.

We’ll mail you a check ($$) every quarter as long as you’ve accrued at least $25 in referral credit. Make sure we have your correct mailing address! Any unused portion will be rolled over to the following quarter. If you haven’t earned any credit at all during a 12-month period, we reserve the right to discontinue your earnings and participation.

Why would people buy through my link?

Kolbe has a very devoted following and provides a product (personal insight) that everyone can take advantage of. The Kolbe A™ Index is the only validated assessment measuring natural strengths so when people understand how powerful it is, they tend to take action. We highly recommend that our Affiliates take the Kolbe A Index to see for themselves. Maybe that will be your first purchase through your new link!

How do I spread the word?

As an Affiliate, you get a special link to that you can post, tweet, embed or share with as many people as you like. Once someone clicks on your link, we will credit your Affiliate account for any purchases they make as a direct result. You can only use one link at a time.

We don’t offer any “pass-along” discounts to the people you refer to Our Kolbe Certified™ Consultants and their clients may be eligible for discounts on some products and services. Contact us if you would be interested in this intensive training program.

What do I agree to when I become a Kolbe Affiliate?

The Terms and Conditions of our Affiliate Program Agreement can be found here.

Are there other ways I can earn commissions for referrals?

As a Kolbe Affiliate you can also sign up to become a Takes Two® Affiliate. Takes Two is our sister brand that helps couples build better relationships. As a Takes Two Affiliate you can earn 8% commission on any purchases made through Visit this link to learn more.


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