Our Team

Aaron Strunk


Aaron Strunk (7-8-2-4)

Developer/Project Specialist


I help implement visual elements that users see and interact with on our websites. I support internal staff with technical support.

I'm a husband and father of two. I enjoy being outdoors; camping, off-road, fishing and tending to my growing number of plants.

When I'm not striving, I’m: relaxing by the pool or playing with the pups.

AS casual

Amy Bruske


Amy bruske (3-5-8-3)



I serve as the keeper of the Kolbe Concept in all that we do, while managing the people part of our business to make sure our teams are as productive and efficient as possible.

When I’m not reading for one of my two book clubs, I love to take meditation and yoga classes, watch dumb TV shows to analyze people’s behavior, and travel to see both of my kids who are now going into medicine.

When I’m not striving, I’m: listening to real crime podcasts or cooking.

Amy Hagerman


Amy Hagerman (7-7-5-2)

VP Client Relations


I build relationships with clients around the world, working with them regarding the strategic use of Kolbe within their organizations.

I love to travel, spend time with my family, support my daughter as a dance-mom, and enjoy live music.

When I’m not striving, I’m: listening to Jimmy Buffet or rooting for the Chicago Cubs.

AH casual

Carrie Reed


Carrie Reed (8-5-3-5)

Application Developer / Project Manager


I work with the software behind the scenes, helping to update and maintain our systems.

Outside of Kolbe, I stay busy by practicing yoga/meditation, working on creative projects, or delving into new and interesting technologies.

When I’m not striving, I'm relaxing in a quiet space, shopping or traveling.

Christine Morrow


Christine Morrow (6-7-7-2)

Sr. Consultant


I spend my days consulting with clients and their teams, and orchestrating the people and moving pieces needed to deliver new Kolbe products to the world.

I’m an author and passionate about Christian ministry. In my free time you’ll find me hanging out with my husband, hiking, writing, playing piano, or with my grandkids – and I love to travel.

When I’m not striving, I’m: lifting weights or playing cards & board games.

CM casual

Clint Parsley


Clint Parsley (7-7-2-4)

Senior Programmer


I constantly work to improve and add new functionality to our software. A geek by nature, I continuously explore new technologies and advancements. When I leave the office, I suit up and serve the City of Phoenix as a Police Officer.

My passions revolve around my family, friends, my puppy, golf and giving back to the communities in which I work and live.

When I'm not striving, I'm: spending time at the gym or watching Netflix with Sandi.

CP casual

David Kolbe


David Kolbe (8-2-7-3)



As CEO, I keep working to make what we do for people more understandable, more approachable, and more effective, all while making sure everyone here at Kolbe Corp has the resources and support to achieve great things.

I’m busy outside the office too as a father and husband who loves to hike, ski, play poker, have great conversations.

When I’m not striving I’m: listening to music.

DK casual

Dennis Schlichter


Dennis Schlichter (9-6-2-3)

Customer Service Representative


Providing quality customer service is my main focus at Kolbe. On top of that I also stretch my legs by helping with projects for different departments.

I enjoy martial arts, hiking, weightlifting or playing with my golden retriever. I indulge my artistic side by singing, watching and creating films.

When I’m not striving, I’m: getting out and enjoying nature.

DS casual

Diane Villa


Diane Villa (8-6-3-3)

VP, Finance & Operations


Along with keeping a watchful eye over the company finances, I also oversee the operational systems that keep everything running smoothly.

My family is my world! I’m fearless, fun loving and always looking for my next adventure. I love traveling, theatre and country music.

When I’m not striving I’m: playing with my grandkids.

DV casual

Dominique Talbert


Dominique Talbert (7-6-3-3)

Operations Assistant


I help the Finance Department keep track of all incoming orders and stay organized. I also assist in customer service to fulfill orders and help with anything they may need.

Outside of work I enjoy hanging out with my family and watch movies on Disney Plus.

When I'm not striving, I like sipping on wine and watch Harry Potter movies with my siblings.

Eavan Lynch


Eavan Lynch (8-4-4-3)

Sales Coordinator


I help support the sales staff at Kolbe so we can provide our clients with exceptional service.

Outside of work I play tennis (when it's not 115F outside) watch Netflix documentaries, and do way too much online shopping.

When I'm not striving I'm: making another cup of coffee.


Eric Herrera


Eric Herrera (5-3-9-2)

VP, Sales


I help our team and our consultants help more people and sell more stuff.

I stay active as a Scuba Diving Instructor, Jiu Jitsu Practitioner and Dad to an amazing toddler.

When I'm not striving, I'm: blowing bubbles underwater.

EH casual

Heather Guinta


Heather Guinta (5-8-4-2)

Training Project Manager


I juggle the many aspects of Kolbe engagements to create a fantastic client experience and serve the needs of Kolbe staff.

I am passionate about traveling, adventure, flying and my dog. I aim to get my pilot’s license someday.

When I’m not striving, I’m: spending time with my pup or enjoying Happy Hour.

HG casual

James Trujillo


James Trujillo (6-7-4-3)

EVP, Technology and Operations


I have been collaborating with others to make the analog digital and digital work for Kolbe Corp since 1999. My lifelong passion is you and how you interact with your natural instincts in the world.

I re-energize by engaging with nature, art, music, basketball and most of all, my family.

When I'm not striving, I'm: doing nothing.

JT casual

Kate Lines


Kate Lines (6-5-5-4)

Sr. Program and Product Marketing Manager


I help get our message to the right people by spreading the news about Kolbe’s amazing products and programs.

I love adventuring with my family, reading a great book, and exploring a new place. I’m an avid art hobbyist and my current favorite medium is film photography.

When I’m Not Striving, I’m enjoying the sun in my backyard.

Lisa Fishkind


Lisa Fishkind (7-6-7-1)

Account Manager


I’m the glue that holds many of our key projects together – from coordinating legal contracts and reviews to event management, as well as developing and maintaining client relationships.

I love hanging out with my family & friends, exploring the beautiful desert landscape (whether hiking or biking), volunteering, and discovering great wines.

When I'm not striving, I'm: checking out new local restaurants.

LF casual

Lisa Steele


Lisa Steele (7-7-5-2)

Account Manager/International Specialist


I support our clients around the globe and make a positive impact in people’s lives by helping them understand their innate talents.

I am passionate about animals and volunteer/foster for local animal shelters and rescues.

When I'm not striving, I’m: out with friends, or watching Netflix.

LS casual

Logan Mosier


Logan Mosier (8-6-4-2)

Content Marketing Manager


Here at Kolbe, I create and manage content to highlight the awesome power that comes with understanding your conative strengths.

I love spending time with my beautiful wife and two adorable dogs. On the weekends, you can often find me reading, watching tv and/or flagrantly procrastinating on an ambitious creative writing project. Look for my novel in 2032.

When I’m not striving, I’m playing basketball or watching basketball.

Nicholas Malfatti


Nicholas Malfatti (7-7-2-5)

Training Coordinator


I support the coordination of training events by compiling and organizing data and assembling materials necessary in the execution of each training event.

When I am not working you might catch me hiking, playing a friendly game of basketball at the park or enjoying the company of good friends and great music.

When I'm not striving, I'm shopping for something I don’t really need on Amazon.

Nicole Loucks


Nicole Loucks (5-8-2-4)

VP, Youth and Education Programs


I’m constantly working to make a difference in the lives of youth, families and academic leaders by helping them discover and leverage their innate strengths.

When I’m not working you will find me with my family – travelling, watching movies and playing board games.

When I’m not striving, I’m: playing with my kids!

Rachel Smith


Rachel Smith (7-6-5-3)

Marketing Communications Specialist


I ensure that our marketing assets are successfully executed, and that we’re optimizing our digital outlets to the fullest so that we can reach and empower as many people as possible.

I love spending my time outdoors with my dog, traveling, and enjoying a mai tai at happy hour.

When I’m not striving, I’m doing a jigsaw puzzle or bingeing a show I've already seen.

Rick Benton


Rick Benton (5-3-8-4)

Account Manager


At Kolbe, I love to engage with clients, learn about their businesses, and share Kolbe wisdom. I help make sure they get the right Kolbe products and services needed to improve the things they care about most.

When not at Kolbe you can find me enjoying time with my wife Toby at home or on an adventure, serving it up on a tennis court, listening to music, or creating something tasty in the kitchen.

When I’m not striving, I am reading, streaming or dreaming.

Sheila Coulam


Sheila Coulam (8-7-2-3)

Senior Project Manager


I connect the people, processes, and tools to enable the Kolbe team.

Outside of work, I enjoy hiking, traveling, volunteering to make a difference in my community, and spending time with my family.

When I’m not striving, I’m researching my next hike, trip or reading a good book.

Stephanie Clergé


Stephanie Clergé (8-3-6-3)

SVP, Training and Consulting


I facilitate moments of learning and application of the Kolbe Concept through coaching, training and events.

My passions are my family, exploring my family history, and volunteering with non-profits that support Haitian youth and STEM education.

When I'm not striving, I'm: shopping, singing and listening to podcasts.

SC casual

Suzanne Stuart


Suzanne Stuart (she/her/hers) (3-3-8-5)

Account Manager


I am passionate about working with individuals and businesses to help people embrace their natural strengths and become both more effective and content.

I love doing adventurous things with my family – including travelling, hiking, zip-lining, white-water rafting, rock climbing, and backpacking the Grand Canyon.

When I’m not striving, I’m: hanging out with my family or watching Netflix.

SS casual

Tashyna Wingo


Tashyna Wingo (8-5-4-3)

Manager, Customer Service & Operations


I love being the keeper at Kolbe! To help us meet our mission I ensure the flow of the office, staff and am relied on for historical knowledge.

Camping adventures and exploring are a constant with my husband and kids, nothing is better than fresh air in the woods! New memories are all around ready to be made.

When I'm not striving, I'm: grocery shopping or watching bushcraft videos on YouTube.

TW casual

Theresa Stumpo


Theresa Stumpo (6-8-4-3)



They call me T-Money because I ensure that all the money flowing into and out of the business is well accounted for.

Outside of work, you’ll find me spending time with my family and trying out new recipes with my husband.

When I’m not striving, I’m: reading a good book with a glass of wine.

TS casual

Toby Phillips


Toby Phillips (7-4-6-4)

VP, Marketing and Communications


I work to spread the word about Kolbe’s power via Kolbe.com, email and other digital outlets.

My passions are my family, keeping my two pups entertained, and exploring the Southwest’s amazing landscapes.

When I'm not striving, I'm: bingeing the latest Netflix show.

TP casual

Wesley Fry


Wesley Fry (8-7-3-3)

Sr. Customer Service Representative


I provide operational & tech support for Kolbe systems and websites. I enjoy solving problems and helping to make things simple for our customers.

My family is my life. We love travelling and just generally being outdoors.

When I'm not striving, I'm: sending it down a trail on my mountain bike.


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