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Seminars & Events

Our live, in-person, on-demand speeches, seminars and events help you make the most of yourself and your team. Attend an event to learn from our experts, grow your business, develop your leadership skills and connect with other Kolbe users.


Whether you want to tackle challenges in your personal or professional life, Kolbe focuses on what’s RIGHT with you and tells you how to build on it.

Kolbe Plus 1-Day Workshop

  • Maximize personal productivity
  • Improve communication
  • Collaborate more efficiently
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Kolbe Certification™ Seminar

Become an expert in applying Kolbe solutions to the real-world problems faced by individuals and organizations.
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Custom Workshops and Speeches

  • Schedule a TeamSuccess® Seminar — in-person or virtual, half or full day
  • Custom solutions for communication, change management, role alignment, leadership and more
  • EOS framework and outline for effective 1-hour Kolbe presentations

Understand and leverage your instinctive strengths to improve individual and team performance

Annual Conference

Your once-a-year opportunity to grow with Kolbe by making amazing connections learning from industry-leading speakers, and expanding your knowledge of Kolbe.

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With your Kolbe A™ Index result, you’re on the way to discovering what makes you — YOU. Join us for a FREE Webinar all about applying your results to improve your life.

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