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Business Built for Action

Businesses succeed on the actions they take.  With decades of research and experience in the field of human performance, we know how your people get things done and give you the actionable intelligence to achieve your goals and kick ass at every level of your career.

A Proven Process: The Kolbe System

The Kolbe System™ is the only program measuring conation – how people take action. Follow our proven and comprehensive process to get immediately actionable advice on personal productivity, team performance, job alignment & hiring.
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Identify Individual & Team Strengths

Everyone in your organization deserves to know who they are, how they fit with their job, and what they can do to thrive. The Kolbe System™ isn’t about participation trophies, it’s about identifying individual and team strengths and leveraging them to optimize productivity. Request a free business profile to distribute credits & store a team’s Kolbe A Index results together.

Optimize Team Performance

Our approach goes beyond individual assessments. By analyzing how team members fit their jobs and how they work together, Kolbe's TeamSuccess Solutions Reports and software provide evidence-based strategies to build and direct high-performing teams.

Align Strengths with Jobs

Having the right players in the wrong positions is the fastest way to waste talent and burnout good people. At Kolbe we understand how employees take action, and design jobs that fit their natural strengths so you get better results.

Hire Effective Talent

There’s more to being successful than charm and intelligence. Only Kolbe RightFit™ software identifies what a job demands and whether a candidate’s instinctive approach is likely to make them successful. Hire the right candidate for the right job, right away.

  • The secret to long-term success

    “The only way a company can truly gain long-term success is with happy, productive and committed employees. The secret to accomplish that is to tap into and use their natural instincts.”

    33102 mo John Kelly (3-3-10-2), Retired Chairman & CEO, Alaska Airlines
  • Retain and attract really great talent

    “We’ve used Kolbe RightFit for years. Our company is one of the fastest growing private companies in the U.S. and it has helped us to retain and attract really great talent.”

    8543 mo Danielle Rodgers (8-5-4-3), HR Manager, Michael Hyatt and Company
  • Be successful at work

    “Kolbe allowed me to be successful at work. My leader and I are so different. But from the first day when we discussed Kolbe and reviewed our Comparisons: A to A™ report, it was clear that our individual strengths could compliment each other.”

    7634 mo AJ Kruse (7-6-3-4), Sr. Manager, Learning & Engagement BVK

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