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Kolbe B™ Index

The Kolbe B Index measures an individual's perception of their own job responsibilities. Comparing Kolbe A™ and Kolbe B results helps job holders recognize when they are trying to perform contrary to their natural strengths and abilities.

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What does your job require?

Different jobs require different conative abilities. The Kolbe B Index Result identifies which talents are a natural fit for a particular job and how the job holder perceives the requirements for success in that role.

Here’s why you should take the 26-Question Kolbe b Index...

“The Kolbe helped me to look back over my career and understand why some positions weren’t a fit. Not because I didn’t do a good job, but because it was not a conative fit.”

Lesley Erickson (7-7-3-2), Director of Talent Management, Bethany Christian Services

Kolbe B results will change as job requirements and tasks change. Consider using the Kolbe B again whenever supervisors or requirements change, and then periodically as part of a regular review process.


your job shouldn’t kill you

The World Health Organization has officially recognized burnout as a medical condition. Kolbe gets to the root of the problem, which is often that people are required to work against their instinctive strengths. We help create alignment between a person’s conative strengths (Kolbe A Index results) and the demands of the job (Kolbe B Index results).

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