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Discover opportunities to apply Kolbe Wisdom™ in your personal and professional life with certifications, trainings and seminars. Events are happening all the time — across the world and even online. See how Kolbe’s diverse training and coaching opportunities can illuminate your pathway to productivity.

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Become a Kolbe Certified™ Consultant

Kolbe Certification is an immersive three-day training program that provides organizational leaders, management consultants and professional coaches an in-depth understanding of the Kolbe System™ and foundational theory. This highly interactive learning experience covers the tools and knowledge needed to become an in-house or independent Kolbe specialist.

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Attend seminars & events

Kolbe offers a variety of opportunities to help people deepen their understanding of conation and use it to improve their lives in the ways they care about most. There are options to suit individuals, professionals, families and teams in various locations around the world.

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learn from consultants & coaches

Discover powerful insights and create real progress with the help of Kolbe Certified Consultants and coaches. Want to better understand your individual results or better understand your colleagues? With offerings ranging from executive leadership development to mergers and acquisitions, our trained professionals are changing the way people do business.

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