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Our programs empower students with the freedom to learn in the ways that are most natural to them, encouraging them to do what they do best and celebrating them for their unique abilities.

Help Your Kids Thrive

When you took the Kolbe A™ Index, you discovered how you naturally get things done — your kids deserve to understand their instinctive strengths, too!  This discovery can help them with relationships at home, but also to thrive in school.

“Knowing their MOs helped me guide my children through school and college and into their careers.”

Carol Showalter, Vice President, Snider Fuller and Stroh

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To help students discover their Authentic Abilities, this assessment for students from middle school to college-age provides immediate, individualized results they can access at any time.

This 15-minute assessment reveals the instinctive talents that drive the way a student takes action in school and beyond. 

Student Aptitude Quiz™ identifies and celebrates students’ Authentic Abilities. This validated assessment has been proven to increase self-efficacy, decrease stress, and maximize productivity. 

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Current undergraduate, high school, and middle school students receive immediate, individualized results they can access at any time. Every result includes descriptions of the student’s innate, unchanging Authentic Abilities and tips and tricks for how to best use them. 

Additional reports are available to provide in-depth information on: 

  • Studying and Test-Taking 
  • Stress Management 
  • Parent Support 


Youth Advocate Training

This online, self-paced training introduces you to the Kolbe Theory as it relates to empowering kids.

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What is Youth Advocate Training?

You can be a part of the revolution that is making a difference. After becoming a Kolbe Certified™ Consultant and completing the Kolbe Youth Specialist™ Training to become a Kolbe Youth Advocate you will be able to help kids succeed by focusing on the way they are perfect. You will be welcomed into an elite group of counselors, teachers, consultants, and community leaders within K-12 programs. Partner with us to distribute our proven solutions! 

Kolbe Youth Advocate Training is intended for educators, parents, and advocates who want to apply the Kolbe Wisdom™ with kids. You will learn to help young individuals identify their conative strengths and understand how they can best navigate the world around them. 

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How it Works

This online training can be completed at your own pace. It includes one-year renewable accreditation, a training manual, and several downloadable resources to make implementing programs simple. With these tools, you can help kids discover the learning approach that best suits them. 

  • Grow Confidently

    "My children have very different MOs than mine. I vowed early to try not to edit their natural instincts. We subscribed to 'you do you and let me be me!' It is so exciting to watch them grow confidently because they know to embrace their strengths."

    8543mo Cheryl Coutchie (8-5-4-3), Director, Warner, Norcross & Judd, LLP
  • Get Validated

    "I found great validation in who I am instinctively when I reviewed my Kolbe results. It immediately showed me why I was labeled a school. If I had taken the Kolbe Index at a young age, I might have been able to avoid, or at least better understand, many of the problems I encountered in school."

    RobertKiyosaki-2296 Robert Kiyosaki (2-2-9-6) #1 Best-selling Author: Rich Dad, Poor Dad & Rich Kid, Smart Kid

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