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3 Hiring Tips Every Business Should Know

May 30, 2024

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Here’s 3 things a company used by more than 250,000 + businesses around the world does every time they hire.

Hiring is hard, and turnover is expensive. Good hiring advice is worth its weight in gold, and who better to listen to about hiring than Kelly Knight, President and Integrator of EOS ® Worldwide?

The Entrepreneurial Operating System is trusted by hundreds of thousands of companies across the globe, so when Knight joined the Powered by Instinct podcast, we made sure to ask her what EOS looks for when hiring.

She said they have 3 non-negotiables when it comes to a new hire.

1. Determine how candidates naturally take action

“One of the key things that we do across the board no matter what seat we’re hiring for,” Knight explained, “is use Kolbe. It has been so fundamentally important because we’re really trying to understand the DNA of the person who  is sitting across from us, having a great conversation.”

Knight believes that the more they can understand what really makes that person tick, the more they can understand how they do work in their most natural state, the better. And the only way to measure instinctive strengths is with the Kolbe A™ Index.

“We desire greatly to make sure that we’re getting the right match from the very beginning,” Knight continued, “because we realize that if we’re not the right fit for somebody, we want to know as soon as possible for their benefit, just as much as ours. So, Kolbe has been absolutely instrumental every single hire.”

2. Ask the right kind of questions

“Another thing that we do is we ask very open-ended questions,” Knight added.

They ask hypothetical questions about how candidates would respond in certain situations.

“And what we’re really looking to see is, does the response connect with our core values?”

In EOS’ case, that’s being humbly confident, grow or die, help first, do the right thing, and do what you say.

The key is to make sure that the behavior, words, and actions of the candidate match up to the core values of the organization.

3. Maintain their entrepreneurial spirit

The final thing Knight and EOS do with each hire is make sure they set their sights on being a company with an entrepreneurial spirit. They introduce this concept through a key book.

“Shannon Waller wrote a really brilliant book,” Knight beamed, “probably one of my top 10 business books of all time.”

It’s called the Team Success Handbook, and it really describes so succinctly the difference between an entrepreneurial organization and a bureaucratic organization.

Kolbe Corp also gives the book to each new hire.

“Even though we continue to get larger as an organization, we really want to have that entrepreneurial spirit,” Knight added. “And so, it perfectly depicts the kind of the chemistry that exists on teams that kind of roll that way versus being a larger organization that may be just a little different. So those are the three biggies.”


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