5 Ways to Repurpose Your Kolbe Talent Tag

June 21, 2019

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Before I get to the good stuff – how to re-purpose your Talent Tag, I thought I should start with the purpose of Talent Tags.

The primary purpose of Talent Tags is as a name tag for use during a workshop. They also serve as a handy reminder of the person’s MO during workshop activities or hallway discussions. Talent Tags can also be helpful when you don’t have space for Mind Menus, but want to have a keepsake unique to each person. As a bonus, Talent Tags are also a vibrant addition to a workshop participant’s place setting, so be sure to think about how to add this colorful element to your learning environment. Typical methods are to tuck it into each Mind Menu stand for easy access, or on the participant place setting. Another idea is to pair it with a lanyard displaying the consultant or client company logo for added customization and decorative appeal.

Now let’s get to the recycle, reuse, reduce (waste) part of our program. Here are 5 ideas to repurpose your talent tags:

  1. Luggage/bag tag – This way you’ll recognize it on the carousel full of similar looking bags. Add your business card to the back for some additional lost-and-found benefits.
  2. Laptop decal – Though your IT department may frown upon your use of double-sided tape on their precious equipment, you’ll be happy not to see a boring tech company logo on a daily basis!
  3. Keychain – Hey, it’s a lot thinner than whatever you’ve got taking up space on your key ring now!
  4. Activity – Have all of your workshop participants stand up and quietly sort themselves based on MO (e.g., group by Initiating Action Modes®).
  5. Door plaque – Put it next to your name on your door or in a central area of display in your office in a place where a Mind Menu is too large to fit.

Talent Tag Fun Facts

(OK, maybe I’m the only one who things Talent Tag facts are fun, but you’re still reading!)

  • The color of the fastener between the tag and the clip is the color of your most Initiating Action Mode.
  • Talent tags can be printed through Kolbe WAREwithal® software with the 12 Kolbe Strengths™ on the back.
  • During a “Show Your MO” contest we held, we had people take their talent tags to the tops of canyons to the depths of the ocean!


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