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A Visual Tour of a Kolbe A™ Index Report

March 22, 2023

  • Kolbe A™ Index

Your Customized Report Contains A Ton of Important Features

When you first take the Kolbe A™ Index and discover your MO and your instinctive strengths, it’s a transformative experience. You always knew this about yourself; you just didn’t know how to say it. So, it’s normal to check out that colorful bar chart and your 4 numbers, then primarily focus on the highlights of what those numbers mean. 

But you should know, there’s SO MUCH MORE to your Kolbe A Index report than your 4 numbers. In fact, this customized 18-page report contains valuable tips, insights, and resources throughout, and it’s a great resource to learn more about your instinctive strengths and how to use them. 


So let’s take a quick tour.

What is the Kolbe A Index?

The Kolbe A™ Index is an assessment that measures how you instinctively take action  the conative part of the mind. It’s not about your personality or what motivates you or whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert

The Kolbe A Index is the only way to measure what we call your striving instincts, or how you take action when you’re free to be yourself. Learn more about the three parts of the mind (affective, cognitive, and conative here). 

You Got A Perfect Score on the Kolbe A Index

The first thing you’ll see when you get your report is a congratulations for getting a perfect score. Everybody gets a perfect score on the Kolbe A because it measures your strengths. This is a reminder that we all have a set of natural strengths and that none are better or more valuable than the others. It’s just important to know what yours are so you have the best path possible to use them for your own success! 

Take Note: Individual Conables® are sprinkled all throughout the results. These are helpful tips and tricks designed to optimize your understanding of your unique natural strengths. 

Four Kolbe Action Modes®

The next big thing you’ll see is a comprehensive breakdown of where your strengths lie in 4 Action Modes: Fact Finder, Follow Thru, Quick Start, and Implementor. You’ll receive a number from 1-10 in each of these modes that will align to how you naturally handle different areas of problem solving (from how you naturally gather and share information to the way you manage space and tangibles). 

Take Note: Acclaimed theorist and Kolbe Corp Founder Kathy Kolbe has prepared customized audios throughout the report to explain in greater detail the significance of your strengths and what they may mean for you. 

Managing Your Time and Energy

One of the most important features of the report is its recommendations for how to best spend your time and energy. When your daily actions align with your natural strengths, you’ll find yourself less stressed and more productive. The report breaks down how much time you should ideally devote to each strength on a typical day, using a measurement called ERGs. These ERGs are broken down into a pyramid as well, so you can easily see the best way to utilize your time and energy. 

Take Note: We often waste a lot of time and energy on tasks and activities that we are not good at for a good reason, so a variety of Do’s and Don’ts are included in the report. The do’s are what you would naturally do if free to be yourself, and the don’ts are what you would not naturally do. 

Improving Communication and Building Relationships

Just as you have unique and innate ways of taking action, the people you interact with do too! One of the most valuable ways to view your instinctive strengths is by looking at how you can use them to create win-win relationships in your daily interactions. This report has you covered! 

Take Note: One of the best ways to improve communication and collaboration with others is to compare your results with theirs. We offer a Comparisons: A to A™ report to go even further in-depth. 

Selecting Careers with Your Instinctive Strengths

Your MO will factor heavily into your work experience, so it’s great to know what type of work may naturally fit your strengths, as well as how you can use your strengths to accomplish the daily tasks of your career. The Kolbe A Index report has plenty of advice on both. 

Take Note: For even more insight into your instinctive strengths and careers, make sure to check out Kolbe’s OPgig®, the only career assessment that can predict how well people of all ages are likely to perform in a wide variety of careers. 

How to Summarize and Share Your Kolbe Result


The Summary and Share section at the end of your report covers the highlights and also explains the best ways to continue to learn about your instinctive strengths.  

Of course, an even better way to gain a greater understanding of your MO is to go back to read and listen to the online version of your Kolbe A result. The more you check out the report, the more you learn about yourself and the more you pick up additional things that will help you achieve the things you care about most! 


Ready to get your report and discover your MO? Take the Kolbe A Index today! 

Already taken the Kolbe A Index? Take another look at your results to remind yourself of your strengths and make better use of your daily energy!

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