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3 Big Takeaways from Year 3 of Kolbe Strengths Week

March 10, 2022

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Kolbe Strengths Week is an annual celebration of Kolbe’s mission to help all people understand their natural instincts.

Every year, the Kolbe community comes together for a week to share the power of Kolbe strengths by helping people who may not discover their strengths due to financial or social constraints, to get their Kolbe Index results. Kolbe employees and Kolbe Certified™ Consultants around the world volunteer their time and expertise with friends, family members, and organizations who stand to benefit from the power of conation.

This important tradition started three years ago, and it continues to evolve in size, scope, and impact. In other words, this was the best Kolbe Strengths Week yet! 
Here are 3 things we learned from our third Kolbe Strengths Week:

1. There is Power in Working Together  
Kolbe Strengths Week shines a bright light on the power of collaboration. That’s why it was so A-mazing to see all the incredible ways this year’s participants found to share Kolbe A™ Indexes.

As a community, we were able to empower veterans, emerging women leaders, LGBTQ+ college students, beauty professionals who help terminally ill women and children, advocates for abuse survivors, churches, schools, and so many more.

The Kolbe community worked to bring others together, and we became closer as well. There’s a bond that forms when you’re able to share the power of instinctive strengths with the people to whom you’re closest, and the organizations you support. A powerful experience to help them work towards achieving what they care about most, and it emboldens our dedication to what we collectively care so deeply about: the Kolbe mission.
Kolbe Certified Consultant, Alicia Couri with the Boys & Girls Club of Broward County

2. There’s No Such Thing as a Small Strengths Week Project 
Projects that involve larger groups are fantastic, but you don’t have to go big to impact your community. Please know that, as we head towards our 4th Kolbe Strengths Week next year, there is no small project. So if you can gift Kolbe Wisdom™ to just one individual next year, please do so.

Discovering my own instinctive strengths was a monumental moment in my life. So much so that I have dedicated the last 12 years helping other people discover theirs.

Warren Barry, President and Founder, Instinctive Solutions

The simple act of gifting a Kolbe A™ Index to a friend or family member can have a transformative impact on an individual’s life. A better understanding of their instinctive strengths will allow them to reduce stress, increase their ability to do the things they care most about and provide them with the freedom to be themself.

3. The Future is Bright – Thanks to Kolbe Youth Advocates
One incredible development as Kolbe Strengths Week has evolved is the impact it has had on the youngest members of the Kolbe community. This year, our global network of independent Accredited Kolbe Youth Advocates really stepped up for Kolbe Strengths Week.

Kolbe Youth Advocates work to complete a rigorous Kolbe Youth Specialist™ Training program and follow it up with continuing education so they can help children across the world understand their instinctive strengths. This year’s participation included work with schools as far away from Kolbe Corp headquarters as Austria, and we can’t wait to see this reach continue to grow next year.

To everyone who helped make the 3rd annual Kolbe Strengths Week such an incredible success – Your time, energy, and talents are appreciated more than you know. Thank you for using your strengths to help others find their own strengths, along with the freedom to be themselves.

Want to learn more about Kolbe Strengths Week so you can contribute next year? Check out this page. If you had a great experience this year, make sure to share photos and/or insights on social media with the hashtag #KolbeStrengthsWeek so we can continue to spread the word and further the mission!

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