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Client Spotlight – Spencer’s Pest Services

October 08, 2019

  • Client Spotlight

According to the Conway Family Business Institute less than one-third of family business survive into the second generation. Spencer’s Pest Services in Greenville, South Carolina has successfully thrived into the third generation with a focus on sustainability in services and culture.

Last month we were pleased to have both Owner & President Sheri Spencer Bachman (3-5-9-2) and her daughter, COO Laura Corbin (6-7-8-1) in Phoenix at the Kolbe Certification™ Seminar. For them, getting the best tools for managing and developing people led them to Kolbe.

We design employees’ jobs around their MO instead of trying to put a round peg in a square hole. People are happier and more productive at work, they know what success looks like, and there’s a lot less stress in the office.

Sheri Spencer Bachman

Both leaders acknowledge that the pest control industry itself is not a draw for most prospective employees. Yet these two have made Spencer’s a place where employees are drawn to join and stay for the long term. Part of their success involves tapping into employees’ strengths to keep them engaged and satisfied with their work and contribution.

We have found that hiring has been our number one challenge, but Kolbe helps us to find the right person for the right role.

Sheri Spencer Bachman

Another aspect of their success comes from a deep commitment to innovation and sustainable pest control practices. Early in her career Sheri embraced the latest eco-friendly technologies that the company continues to champion today.

As a Women™ Owned business, Spencer’s also embodies the PINK principle in running a business that can be successful and positive at the same time. These principles are Professionalism, Integrity, Niceness, and Knowledgeable—defining their approach to business, family and life.

Learn more about Spencer’s Pest Services at http://www.spencerpest.com

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