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Is Your Rockstar Employee About to Burn Out?

January 11, 2022

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Right now, a lot of people have just too much to do. The best way to combat this and prevent burnout is by getting back to the basics and seeing what kinds of things your people do best, most naturally, and use their mental energy well.

Here’s the thing…unless you ask someone to take an objective assessment, you’re not going to know how they naturally get things done. Your rockstars are going to tell you they can do it all. And they probably can for a while. But it’s unsustainable.
Sometimes it happens so slowly that you don’t realize it’s even a problem. Then, suddenly they leave, and you’re shocked that they quit.

67% of all workers believe burnout has worsened during the pandemic.


People who have a lot of experience in the marketplace and are really capable and competent have sometimes spent an entire career working against their natural strengths.

While they can perform the tasks and carry out the responsibilities of the role, and it’s more stressful for them. Ultimately these are the people who burn out. As a leader, you have a pretty good sense of what people are drawn to and what they do well, but there’s this missing piece of the puzzle: How do they naturally solve problems?  

Knowing somebody’s strengths and how they naturally solve problems can be the answer to preventing burnout, increasing productivity, and reducing turnover.

It can be frustrating to see when you hire someone who’s an absolute star, who has impressive capabilities, and is motivated, but they’re slowly going down this path of burnout. Well, we can help you predict those kinds of things before it’s too late.

Start with the Kolbe A™ Index and The Kolbe System™. These solutions give you the power to put the right people in the right roles, identify where they’ll see the most stress in their job, and identify how they instinctively take action so you can prevent burnout.

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