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June 08, 2023

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The day I got my Kolbe profile back was one of the most liberating days of my life.

Dan Sullivan (2-2-10-4), Co-Founder of Strategic Coach

Dan Sullivan Outlines How He Uses Kolbe as a Blueprint for Team-Building Bliss

You can build the company of your dreams, but you can’t do it alone. The key is discovering your natural strengths, and then assembling a team that complements your needs. Kolbe can help you with both.


Dan Sullivan is the Co-Founder of Strategic Coach. He teaches entrepreneurs to achieve more by doing less, but things didn’t always come naturally to Dan.  

“I always had the ability to sell,” Dan explained to David Kolbe on the Powered by Instinct podcast. “I’ve always had a really good ability to make money. But what happened to the money after I made it certainly wasn’t successful, and it wasn’t satisfying.”  

On stage, he was dynamic. Backstage, he felt like a wreck. And then he discovered Kolbe.  


“The day I got my Kolbe profile back was one of the most liberating days of my life,” Dan beamed. “I could just see everywhere I got into trouble; everywhere I had frustration, everything I had that was stressful to me, why I couldn’t sleep at night, why I couldn’t enjoy my free time… it was all right there in the four numbers.”  

Dan is a 2-2-10-4, and the insight that he instinctively problem-solves by generating ideas,  experimenting, and innovating brought him clarity that has served him and those in his sphere of influence for decades.  

“Kolbe gave me an incredible blueprint that explained why I had had trouble up until that day, and how I could achieve a very energizing, very motivating, very satisfying future,” he continued. “I think everybody’s got a Unique Ability, and I think they’re born with it. But because of the circumstances of their birth, who their parents were, what their schooling was like, and everything else, they never really have any motivation to just zero in on the one thing that they’re really uniquely good at.”  

Kolbe gave Dan that motivation, and he learned how to expertly pass it on, along with another epiphany that has made an incredible difference for entrepreneurs everywhere.  


“The real key here is just to strengthen your strengths and have other people do your weaknesses,” he shared. 

Focus on how you naturally take action. And then build a team that complements your strengths to do the rest.   

“People think of entrepreneurs, and they think of big successful entrepreneurs,” Dan said. “But 95% of entrepreneurs are one-man shops or one-woman shops. They might have a secretary, and they might have a few part-time workers, but they haven’t created a team around them. You have to be good at strengthening where you’re strong, but then you have to be linking your strengths up with someone else’s strengths.”  


Kolbe was instrumental in helping Dan build countless synergistic teams. Right after seeing his result, Dan made Kolbe a mandatory part of any entrepreneur joining his program.   

“Kolbe is the anchor profile for us. The entire Unique Ability process starts with the Kolbe profile,” Dan clarified. “I tell people that hiring someone with the Kolbe won’t necessarily guarantee success because there are other issues, like character and knowledge, that Kolbe won’t reveal.”  

“But,” he stated, “if you don’t use Kolbe for building that team, you can pretty much guarantee failure.”  


Want to learn more about your instinctive strengths? The first step is to take the Kolbe A™ Index.

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