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Are Your Team Members in the Right Roles?

May 02, 2022

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When it's the Right Person But The Wrong Job

Crisp, a company that helps law firm owners grow their businesses, was looking for their ideal new marketing assistant. They found a candidate who seemed like a good fit because she had a few must-haves on the recruitment list.

Experience? Check.

A great fit with their culture? Check.

Someone who would naturally thrive in this specific role? Not so fast.

This specific marketing position called for someone to routinely conduct meticulous market research and compile structured proposals, while maintaining order and preventing chaos.

As part of the Kolbe RightFit™ process, the candidate took the 36-question Kolbe A™ Index. The assessment revealed that she was a natural risk taker and instinctively built systems, but didn’t naturally dive deep into details and document extensive strategies.

This meant the experienced and likable candidate was not a great fit for the marketing role.

HOWEVER, the Crisp hiring team immediately recognized her strengths DID line up perfectly with the Kolbe Range of Success™ that had previously produced great results for the Crisp sales team.

Turns out, she was a great fit for Crisp, and a great fit for a specific role. It just wasn’t the position for which she had originally applied. Confident in her skillset and Kolbe result, Crisp hired her for sales.

And it was the right decision.

This candidate went on to bring in well over $1.5 million for Crisp, and even helmed a $6 million referral program that generated unprecedented attention and client engagement for the company.

Talk about the Right Fit!

Hiring the right person is critical to any company’s success. Everyone knows that.

But a great hire is not just about finding the right person for a company; it’s also about finding just the right person for a given role within a company.

Crisp understands that concept, and it has paid huge dividends. They use Kolbe Corp’s comprehensive system to make sure all of their clients find the ideal fits for their business. Of course, Crisp also uses Kolbe for their own hires, with equally impressive results.

“We’ve had every single person in our hiring process take the Kolbe assessment,” says Kolbe Certified™ Consultant Jessica Mogill, Head of Coaching Strategy at Crisp. “I actually won’t even do a final interview with someone unless they have taken it, because it helps us with role alignment across the board.”

Now Crisp not only has a team filled with great talent and culture fits, but they have job alignment mastered as well.

“I would say a quarter of our company have interviewed for one position, and we’ve actually put them in a different position because we have had them take the Kolbe assessment,” Jessica adds. “It’s really helped us to never disqualify candidates.”

It’s a proven recipe for success in hiring, and in developing the talent already within your organization.

“When people understand their strengths,” David Kolbe, CEO of Kolbe Corp, explains, “they can achieve the things they really care about. If you want to stay in a specific field like marketing, then find the right marketing position that’s going to fit your instinctive strengths. If you want to approach things more broadly, Kolbe can give you the roadmap that other people may not be giving you.”

It’s a roadmap that has certainly worked for companies like Crisp as well.

Thanks to Kolbe, we knew how critical role alignment was from the beginning of the hiring process. Let me put you in the right place; it's going to be great for everyone.

Jessica Mogill

If you’d like to learn more about how to use Kolbe to Optimize, Align, and Expand your business, check out the Powered by Instinct podcast.

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