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Stop Trying to Change Yourself

May 01, 2023

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I distinctly remember getting the [Kolbe] results and then getting a great debrief and really understanding it. And the way I describe it is the clouds parted and the sun shone down and angels began singing, because I finally understood why I did things the way that I did them.

Phil Dyer, 5393

Embrace the Strengths That Make You Special

There’s a reason the self-improvement industry is booming. 

We’re all trying to do better. Be better. Make a bigger impact. Fix what’s wrong with us. 

But guess what? You can always change your actions, but there’s no need to change yourself. 


“Once you understand your natural strengths you realize, oh my gosh, I’m not broken. I just need to tap into what I do best and focus on that,” explains Kolbe Corp CEO David Kolbe on the Powered by Instinct podcast. 

David was joined by Angelique Rewers and Phil Dyer, CEO and Executive VP respectively, of Boldhaus. Both had seen a great deal of conventional success in business by following the path others had set out for them, but neither had felt fully realized. There was something missing, and it turns out it was a better understanding of how they naturally get things done. The one way to measure those instinctive strengths? The Kolbe A™ Index. 


“For me, when I read my Kolbe result for the first time, honestly, I cried because I had always felt to be made wrong, that I was wrong in how I was showing up,” Angelique shared. “It was really just tears of relief to be honest with you, that I wasn’t something to be fixed. I wasn’t something to be made wrong, and the things that I gravitated to were actually my superpowers.” 

Phil had a similar experience. He had been working against the grain or trying to work against the grain and doing a lot of “shoulda, woulda, couldas, and have-tos” from an operational standpoint. It was hugely frustrating, but this new knowledge of his Modus Operandi (MO) gave him the understanding of how he works best and the permission to operate that way.  

“I kind of went on a tear,” he says. “In the space of a couple of years after being introduced to Kolbe I had outsourced, delegated, or deleted anything that either I didn’t want to do or really was not very good at and didn’t have a whole lot of conative energy on, and my income went up about 500% over a three-year period.” 


Both spent thousands of dollars on office organizers and productivity experts, but nothing helped more than understanding and appreciating their natural ways of taking action. 

“I think it was the line in my Kolbe results,” Angelina explained to David, “that said basically no amount of productivity or professional organizers are going to be able to fix your desk, that you’re just going to have a lot of things at hand at one time.” 

Angelique felt vindication and validation. “And I think I was overcome with a sense of relief that I could stop trying to fix the part of me that so many people insisted was wrong.” 


Now, at Boldhaus, Angelique and Phil use what they’ve learned about Kolbe and instinctive strengths to empower their clients. 

“They’re always like, ‘Oh my gosh, I’ve worked with so many other organizations on coaching and I’ve been coached, I’ve taken marketing courses, I’ve had business advisors. You guys are the first people that really saw me’,” Angelique beams about Boldhaus’ clients. “You guys are the first ones who actually saw who I am.” 


Ready to embrace your natural strengths so you can stop trying to change yourself? The first step is to take the Kolbe A Index. 

Want to learn more about how Boldhaus uses the power of conation? Listen to the full episode here!


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