How to Actually Support Your Team’s  Strengths

December 06, 2021

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Many of the team leaders we work with at Kolbe understand the importance of identifying their team’s strengths using the Kolbe A™ IndexBut that’s just the first step.


The simplest way to support your team is by giving people permission to use their strengths — especially if you’ve been telling them that strengths are an important part of your company culture.

For example, if you know that somebody naturally needs more information and details before deciding, give them some extra time or access to more information.  You can drastically reduce somebody’s stress level by saying something like, “I know it stresses you out to guess in this situation. Can you do some research and get back to me tomorrow?”

Let’s say you’re implementing many significant changes, and you have people on your team who naturally design systems or instinctively stick with what already works well. Make sure to tell these people, “Hey, I know this can be a stressful time for you guys. We need your natural abilities to help ensure we get all these new projects completed on time and within budget. We’re also relying on you to keep the rest of the company running smoothly through this process.”

These simple acknowledgments of their strengths and listening when they mention areas of concern can do wonders for keeping your team engaged and preventing burnout.


When the job market is tight, and teams everywhere have to do more with fewer people, you run the risk of burnout—the trick: getting back to the basics of instinctive strengths. If you know how your people naturally take action, you can assign them the ‘right’ tasks. That way, even if they’re super busy, they aren’t working against their grain and may even feel energized by the work that feels natural to them.

When you tell someone:
I really care about you and your strengths, and I want to make sure you’re in a job that you love.

And then actually have the solutions to help make that happen, you’ve got a winning combination.

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