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The Hiring Decision You Can’t Afford to Get Wrong

July 27, 2023

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Understanding how executives will naturally collaborate with the team is essential. 

Hiring an executive is something most companies literally can’t afford to get wrong. 

The right individual can take your organization to new heights, and a mistake can set everyone back financially, mentally, and emotionally. You need a leader, a high-performer, and a culture fit.  

And you probably know that. But do you FULLY understand what makes an executive the right fit for your culture?  

On the Powered by Instinct podcast, we sat down with Samir Wagle, Founder and CEO of 11:11 Partners, to better understand the keys to a successful executive search. 


“When you hire an executive,” Wagle stressed, “you’re investing a lot in this person. It’s worth it to take the time, we believe, to get a person that’s going to be with you and grow with you for years and years.” 

This explains the recent trend of precision hiring. 

In the past, companies were more willing to take a gamble on a candidate, Wagle explained. “And so, firms were willing to go like, ‘Yeah, this person’s close. Let’s go with it, and let’s see what happens.’ Now, what we are hearing much more is, ‘Listen, if we’re hiring somebody, this person needs to work out, because we may not get another bite of the apple.’ And so, they’re asking for a higher degree of precision.” 


So how do you ensure that precision in your executive hiring process? One option is to use an executive search and coaching firm, like 11:11 Partners, that will work with you to better understand candidates and work with them towards fitting in perfectly with your team.  

Another important step to take is to determine how both your team and the candidates work, and how they work with others. It’s very possible to hire a talented, experienced, motivated individual who will not blend well with the needs of the role. It’s vital that you factor how they naturally operate — the number one indicator of long-term fit in a role — and if those instinctive strengths address the needs of your current leadership team. 

“One of the first things we do with our clients is send everyone on the leadership team a Kolbe A,” Wagle said, “because we want to understand more about how they take action and how they play together and what are some potential gaps.” 

The Kolbe A™ Index is the only assessment that measures how someone naturally operates. It shows how someone instinctively gathers and shares information, how they organize and design, how they deal with risk and uncertainty, and how they handle space and tangibles.  

When left to be themself, how will someone approach a problem? And how will that mesh with the rest of the team and the role you’re asking them to assume every day? Are the leadership’s teams problem-solving needs being addressed with this hire? 

“It allows us to go back to the leader and go, ‘You told us this was a gap. Here’s what we’re really seeing. Does this feel true? Would this make your team a higher-performing team?’ And, often they’re amazed,” exclaimed Wagle. 


Wagle doesn’t just use Kolbe to assess a leadership team; he also utilizes Kolbe RightFit™ to ensure clients are able to screen and select the best executives in an efficient, cost-effective manner. The proven hiring system allows him to work with clients to define role requirements and assess supervisor compatibility with applicants.

Considering natural strengths allows companies to create a sense of fit, and that fit is critical to ensure an executive is right for the organization, right for the role, and the right addition to pair with your existing executive team. When you extend that approach to your interview process, you’re not guaranteed to find the right fit; but you will often go a long way in avoiding a costly mistake. 

“I’ve done many interviews in the past week and a half,” Wagle continued, “and 20 of the executives I’ve talked to have said some version of, ‘I feel like I was truly seen. And if I don’t get this job, it’ll be because I trust that this wasn’t the right job for me.’ And that’s gratifying.”  

Looking to learn more about hiring the right fit for your needs? Head to to learn more? Another great first step? Discover your own strengths by taking the Kolbe A™ Index.    

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