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April 17, 2023

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Boost productivity and improve collaboration with this powerful activity.

Searching for the perfect activity for team engagement? One unique option is a Kolbe Team Webinar. 

You can maximize productivity, improve collaboration, and optimize fit through the power of instinctive strengths.  

What is a Kolbe Team Webinar?

Kolbe Team Webinars are immersive workshops that provide 90 minutes of insight, reflection and guided activities designed to take your team to the next level. They’re fun, they’re engaging, and they’re instructive. Most importantly, they provide actionable advice and immediate solutions to improve team performance and collaboration.

What are instinctive strengths and why should I care?

Instinctive strengths are the ways you take action when free to be yourself. There are 12 ways of taking instinctive action when problem-solving. Each of us takes action in the four respective Action Modes® and our uniqueness derives from the combinations.

Identifying the instinctive strengths of the people on your team has a wide variety of benefits. It will allow you to understand how each individual solves problems most naturally. That means you can set everyone up for success in their roles, which results in less stress, less tension, more productivity, better communication, and greater collaboration.  

Can’t I just have my team take personality tests?

Personality tests are a lot of fun and can be a beneficial team activity. There are countless options out there, and chances are most of your team will have taken several personality tests. 

The assessments provided for Kolbe Team Webinars measure something entirely different — how you take action. Whereas personality covers the affective part of your mind, or how someone feels (and IQ tests and skill tests cover the cognitive part of the mind, or how someone thinks), these offer the only way to measure the conative part of the mind, or how someone does things. Instinctive strengths are reliable and unchanging; they’re a big part of who you naturally are. 

This makes Kolbe team sessions a unique experience that offers a new perspective for teams looking for long-lasting results. 

What comes with a Team Webinar Session?

All Kolbe Team Webinars provide: 

  • Expert guidance on how to strategically combine talents and manage a winning team 
  • Interactive worksheets and reports to show each team member how everybody on the team naturally takes action and how they can best operate as a team 
  • Powerful reports to help leaders maximize their way of getting things done and help make decisions about which people on the team should be doing certain tasks 
  • Detailed diagnoses on areas of conative stress and job misalignment on a team with advice for the leader about who to prioritize on the journey to maximize job fit 


In addition, you can build your team’s knowledge through a series of customized options that allow you to focus on identifying strengths, optimizing team performance, and/or aligning team members to their ideal roles. 

With employee engagement trending down in recent years, this is a perfect way to identify and unlock the human factors that will drive your team to sustained success. It’s also a lot of fun and a great way to bond! 

Ready to get started? Request your game-changing team activity HERE. 

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