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Kolbe Certification™ Application Overview

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About Kolbe Corp

Kolbe Corp is on a mission to help people understand their own and each other’s’ instinctive strengths. Our team of expert Kolbe Certified Consultants is an important part of furthering that mission. Our suite of assessments, analytical software, and consultants help companies and organizations around the world improve performance. Individuals use Kolbe for career development, personal productivity, relationships, and even parenting. Learn more about our history and process here.

Kolbe Certification™

Kolbe Certification is a comprehensive, interactive three-day* training program for individuals in all fields and professions who wish to become certified in the administration, interpretation, and application of the Kolbe System™ and foundational theory. In-person and virtual seminars are led by Kolbe Master Trainers, including Kathy Kolbe, the originator of the Kolbe Wisdom™.

*online seminars are four-day experiences

Certification Seminar Objectives

Consultants who successfully complete the training program, assigned coursework, and practice interpretations will be able to:

  • Interpret and explain Kolbe A™, B™ and C™ Index results
  • Identify stress factors caused by the difference between an individual’s strengths and job expectations
  • Diagnose and prescribe solutions based on differences in knowledge/skills, personality, and instinctive talents
  • Provide information about Kolbe solutions available to support leadership decision-making
  • Resolve conative conflicts and recommend solutions for improved communication and collaboration
  • Analyze team data and provide appropriate solutions
  • Evaluate and administer hiring programs with greater effectiveness
  • Prescribe ways by which individuals can more effectively utilize time and energy to increase levels of performance
  • Effectively present seminars focused on conation and applications of Kolbe solutions

Kolbe Certified™ Status

In order to be Certified, a candidate must attend and participate fully in the three or four-day training, including pre and post-work and in-class quizzes. You’ll also be required to show a mastery of the material. Kolbe Certified status may be in jeopardy if any portion is missed and/or additional training may also be required under the direction of a Kolbe Master Trainer.

Upon successful completion of the training and post-training coursework (if any), the candidate will sign a standard Licensing Agreement in accordance with Kolbe Corp’s Policies and Procedures and Principles of Ethics. Once licensed, the Certified Consultant may administer, interpret, and apply Kolbe’s products to individuals identified in their application. Kolbe External Specialist (KES) status confers the right to market Kolbe services to a broad range of clients outside the applicant’s organization, while Kolbe Specialist (KS) status is restricted to delivering services only within the applicant’s organization.

Maintaining Certification

Kolbe Corp strives to ensure high standards and reinforce the powerful impact of the Kolbe Wisdom. Certified Specialists, therefore, must maintain their skills in working with the Kolbe System and keep abreast of new products by:

  • Maintaining continuing education requirements, as set by Kolbe Corp, including annual in-person or online training.
  • Signing and executing a current Licensing Agreement.
  • Remaining in compliance with all Kolbe Corp Policies and Procedures and Principles of Ethics.
  • Staying current in all payments, including annual recertification fees
  • Submitting for review and approval materials which the Consultant publishes or reproduces (in any form) which refer to the Kolbe Wisdom, according to provided guidelines.


The Application Process

Applicants are selected based on experience, expertise in an industry, and alignment with the values of the Kolbe Wisdom. When a candidate is accepted and pays the appropriate fee, they will receive an email with information and documents necessary to complete the registration process. Applicants must sign and return documents as soon as possible so that Kolbe Corp can prepare customized training materials. During the registration process, applicants will take the Kolbe A (if not completed prior to application) and Kolbe B Indexes and will receive a selection of reading materials to prepare for the training.

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