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Kolbe Assessments are featured in the EOS Toolbox

Using Kolbe Indexes and our comprehensive system gives you immediately actionable advice to build high-performing teams, supercharge individual performance, and bring the right people into your organization. 

Why Kolbe?

"Kolbe can make a huge difference in an organization. It creates a common language amongst the leadership team and the entire organization where you are making a big leap in team health. It is just super, super impactful." — Mark O'Donnell, Visionary, EOS Worldwide

[BLOG] Mastering the People Component™ of Your Growing Business

Kolbe Corp’s mission is to help people use their instinctive strengths to improve their lives in the ways they care about most. EOS Worldwide is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs live their ideal lives. Used together, they provide a tremendous impact on growing companies.  They work beautifully together to ensure the right people are put in the right positions.

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Buy Kolbe A Index Credits for Your Team & Host an Interactive Webinar


Buy a 5 Pack of Kolbe A Index credits for your team.

  • Includes 1 FREE Kolbe Coaching Report
  • Get Immediately Actionable Advice
  • Identify how each person naturally takes action
  • Learn how to focus your time and energy


Webinar to boost team performance, problem solving & communication.

  • 90-minute Team Webinar for up to 15 people
  • Kolbe TeamSuccess® Report
  • 45-minute Coaching Session for Team Lead
  • *Kolbe A Indexes sold separately

EOS & Kolbe Combined

"For us, the implementation of Kolbe has been very practical, and frankly, I think it's been very profitable because I now have an Integrator in my business by virtue of the EOS with Gino Wickman that's an A-plus and it's like rocket fuel. I can't believe other businesses operate in these blind spots."
8382 MO
Dan Aberhart (8-3-8-2), Aberhart Solutions
"I'm a huge proponent of Kolbe. It's just so real. It's unchanging. You can have a conversation with somebody about their instincts and it completely resonates with them — it opens them up!"
6636 MO
Don Sasse (6-6-3-6), High Country NW LLC
“When you get different people together in a room with their different personalities and energies – even with the benefit of the EOS tools – if a lively debate erupts, it’s important to know how to get the best from your colleagues. We invested in Kolbe at the leadership team level so we could better understand one another."
Mike Blackadder (4-7-5-4), Artisan

[PODCAST] The People Part of Your Growing Business

In this episode of the Powered by Instinct podcast, Kolbe Corp CEO and Visionary David Kolbe welcomes Mark O’Donnell, the CEO and Visionary at EOS Worldwide. They talk about how the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) prepares you for tough times, why culture beats strategy, how EOS utilizes Kolbe and vice-versa, and why fun-loving teams are more productive.
the kolbe system

Explore The Kolbe System

Kolbe has the only program measuring conation — how people take action. Use The Kolbe System to get immediately actionable advice on personal productivity, team performance, job alignment, and hiring. Learn how to do more, more naturally at

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