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“Dream Teams” don’t just happen, and teams with the best players don’t always win. We’ve built the expertise and analytical tools to identify and explain the crucial, but often hidden, human factors that drive team success.

We Build Productive Teams

If you need to know how your people are going to get things done – in the office or while working from home — you need to get Kolbe A™ Index results for everyone and use Kolbe’s powerful coaching reports.

We can help you decide who should be doing what, and how to coach people to be at their best when you need them the most.

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We Tailor Solutions Designed To:

  • Improve communication & collaboration among team members
  • Align team responsibilities & individual strengths
  • Eliminate frustrating, long & unproductive meetings
  • Create a culture of respect, accountability & performance

“The guessing game is over for people who use the Kolbe System™. Studies show a correlation of over 90% between predicted and actual team success. Such predictive validity is dramatically higher with Kolbe than with any other technique or test.”

Ryan Thomas, Ph.D.

Our consultants and speakers deliver solutions in many formats including webinars, team retreats, half- and full-day workshops and extended consulting engagements with senior leadership.

One-size-fits-all advice doesn’t work for teams!

There are different types of teams and our advice is always tailored to your team. If you don’t know how your team truly operates, you won’t be an effective leader. Kolbe’s free Team Collaboration Survey is a quick way to determine which type of team you’re dealing with and offers customized Leadership Tips designed to boost productivity immediately.

Predictive Power

The predictive power of our assessments and analytics has been verified by independent university research.

University of Arizona Study

Real World Results

The value of our consultants has been proven by real-world results.

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The difference between Kolbe & assessments like MBTI®, CliftonStrengths®and others.