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Kolbe Certification™ FAQs

What will I learn?

The training will include a dynamic mix of presentations, activities and discussions of Kolbe Concepts, products and applications for business and individual use. We will focus on how to interpret individual Kolbe A™ Index results and provide additional information to enhance productivity, communication and performance.

What are ongoing costs/fees?

Unlike other Certifications, Kolbe does not require Certified Consultants to purchase a certain amount of product or generate a certain amount in revenue each year. In addition to the initial Certification session cost, Kolbe Certified™ Annual Membership renewal is $795. Annual Membership includes use of Kolbe Certified Logo and marketing collateral, access to a resource center with more than 200 supplemental coaching and consulting materials and access to live and on-demand training.

How long is the certification seminar?

Kolbe Certification is a three-day session when in person, and spread across four days when held online.

What’s the location?

We offer Kolbe Certification™ both virtually and in-person. When not online, certification is usually held near Kolbe Corp Headquarters in Phoenix. Arizona is ideal for business travelers, renowned for its great weather, shopping, outdoor activities, and frequent-flyer favorite airport. Phoenix isn’t the only place we have Certification Seminars — we also have them in Chicago and outside the United States from time to time.

Do I have to do anything to stay certified?

After the first year of being Certified, each Kolbe Consultant must complete 7 continuing education units (CEUs) to stay Certified. These can be done by attending online webinars or by attending Kolbe’s annual conference, KolbeCon.

What do I get for being Certified?

You will receive access to the full library of Kolbe’s consultant support materials, giving you everything you need to serve your clients (internal or external) from day one. For your first six months, you will receive unlimited access to one of our Kolbe experts who will help you with any Kolbe-related questions. Once Certified, you get a discount on our WAREwithal software and have the ability to offer Kolbe-based goods and services to your clients and prospects.

How do I price my services?

You are free to price your services in the way that makes the most sense for your particular business model.

How do you sell Kolbe?

Our most successful consultants use their backgrounds and expertise to serve their clients. They then integrate Kolbe’s offerings into the solutions they offer to prospects and clients. Once Certified, you will have access to training and materials on how to generate leads and present Kolbe to your prospects and clients.

Do you send leads to your Certified Consultants?

Certified Consultants are listed on for people who are seeking to work with a Consultant. Kolbe does not guarantee leads to Consultants.

Do I get a plaque or certificate?

You will receive a certificate along with specialized logos that can be used on your business cards, website, social media profiles and in other public profiles. You may also be able to submit verification of Certification seminar completion to professional accreditation bodies such as the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and the International Coach Federation (ICF).

As a Certified Consultant, will I receive a territory or guaranteed client base?


What contact would Kolbe Corp potentially have with my clients?

If your clients call Kolbe Corp we will direct them to contact you for their needs. Additionally, your clients will not be directly marketed to by Kolbe Corp.

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