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Kolbe Corp and Dynamynd Announce Integration


Two groundbreaking Kolbe enterprises, Dynamynd Inc. and Kolbe Corp, are merging. 

Both businesses were founded over 30 years ago by award-winning business pioneer Kathy Kolbe. Kolbe Corp specializes in business applications of Kolbe Wisdom™, based on Kathy Kolbe’s Theory of Conation, while Dynamynd Inc. has provided educational applications of the theory and has been run by Kathy. Dynamynd Inc. will now operate as a division of Kolbe Corp. 


“Watching my kids make great strides in growing Kolbe Corp, while I was crusading for improvements in schools — through Dynamynd Inc. — has been a joy,” says Kathy Kolbe. “David, and my daughter, Amy Bruske, have proven to be excellent business leaders. And our research has proven my work improves the outlook for at-risk kids. I’ve decided to personally focus on kids who desperately need help.”  

At 82, Kathy Kolbe is continuing the development of her Theory of Conation, offering Master Classes, and completing an oral autobiography for online publication.   

Kolbe Corp will be offering its broad series of assessments, training programs, and models for assisting businesses, educators, students, and individuals of all ages who seek ways to identify and build on innate abilities.  

“Millions of people across the globe use Kolbe assessments of innate abilities to help in decision-making, learning, and relationships,” says David Kolbe, CEO of Kolbe Corp, the provider of the world’s only assessment based on instinctive strengths, the Kolbe A™ Index. “We deeply value the tremendous resources Dynamynd offers the educational community and the children it serves, and we are honored to continue this important work.”   

Most things will not change for Kolbe Corp and Dynamynd Inc. customers, except that all offerings will now be housed in one place, resulting in streamlined processes.  

“Our mission remains the same,” David Kolbe added. “We’re here to help people understand their own and each other’s instinctive strengths and use that understanding to improve their lives in the ways they care about most.”   

The integration will officially go into effect on July 1st, 2022. 

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